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Healey Group - Westminster
Sean Healey claims to have a team of agents that work together to improve the real estate experience. Unfortunately he and his COO Monique Mooney have dropped the ball with our listing. Sean can be very domineering and uncooperative at times. Refusing to list your house at certain prices you need to get your house sold in order to make it worth your time. Furthermore, they are more concerned about selling quantity vs quality. You'll be dealing with multiple people there with the promise things will be more efficient, but there is a lack of attention to your listing in the end and a lack of experience with their agents. If you want great attention and focus, this is not the agent to list your house with. I'd use someone else. Sean is far from a people person which is surprising for a real estate agent. He puts a clause in his listing agreements to fire the client if he can't run things his way.

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